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System-defined Properties

ApertureDB defines a set of properties (called "system-defined properties") for different objects. Some properties are present in all objects (like "_uniqueid"), while others are only present in specific objects (like "_label" for BoundingBox, Polygons, or Descriptors). All system-defined properties start with "_" prefix.

Here we detail the set of properties for each Object:

All Objects_uniqueidstringUnique id for the object
_create_txnnumberTransaction id that created the object
DescriptorSet_namestringName of the set
_dimensionsnumberDimensionality of the Descriptors
_enginesstringList of engines available for KNN
_metricsstringList of metrics available for KNN
_countnumberNumber of Descriptors in the Set
_segment_sizenumberNumber of Descriptors on each segment
_max_segmentsnumberMaximum number of segments
_splitsnumberNumber of splits
Descriptor_labelstringLabel describing the content of the Descriptor
_set_namestringName of the set the Descriptor belongs to
BoundingBox_labelstringLabel describing the content of BoundingBox
_areanumberArea (in pixels) of the BoundingBox
Polygon_labelstringLabel describing the content of Polygon
_areanumberArea (in pixels) of the Polygon
_boundsnumberThe smallest rectangle containing the Polygon
Video_fpsnumberAverage frames per second
_frame_countnumberNumber of frames in the video
_frame_widthnumberWidth of the frame
_frame_heightnumberHeight of the frame
Frame_labelstringLabel describing the content of Polygon
Clip_labelstringLabel describing the content of Clip
_range_typenumberType describing what type of range (time,frame,pct)
_range_startnumberStart of Clip range
_range_stopnumberEnd of Clip range

NOTE: Only properties in bold are modifiable by the user.

NOTE: Only the "==" and "in" operators are supported for "_uniqueid".