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ApertureDB's Documentation

ApertureDB is a database purpose-built to simplify data access for computer vision, machine learning, and vector search use cases. It offers a unified interface to manage multimodal data such as images, videos, documents, embeddings, and associated metadata including annotations. ApertureDB is cloud-agnostic, and integrates seamlessly with the entire machine learning toolchain from data collection to analytics. ApertureDB database instances can be hosted by the ApertureData team or on our customers' private installations (either on any of the public cloud providers but customers' private accounts or on-premise).

What's next?

Get Started

Learn how to setup ApertureDB, define schema for a new application, and load data.

Query Fundamentals

Understand how ApertureDB query language simplifies access to different modalities of data.

Vector Database

Explore vector similarity search and classification capabilities with examples.

Video Management

Work with a video dataset example to see how you can easily access frames, intervals.

How does ApertureDB fit in an ML workflow?

ApertureDB provides efficient data and metadata access across the entire pipeline.