A metric parameter describes a specific metric or collection of metrics within a family.


  • family: The name of the metric family.

  • [optional] labels: An array of key/value maps describing the specific metrics to retrieve. If not set, all metrics in the family will be returned.


This metric parameter is looking for specific metrics within family query_seconds. These metrics may have labels for “operation” and “suboperation”, but one or both labels may be absent.

"metric": {
    "family": "query_seconds",
    "labels": [
        # get the metric for this specific operation and suboperation
        {"operation": "process_query", "suboperation": "graph"},

        # get the metric for operation "send_response" without a specific suboperation
        {"operation": "send_response"},

        # get the metric with neither an operation nor a suboperation

        # there is no operation "post_to_social_media", so this will not return a metric
        {"operation": "post_to_social_media"}

The result includes the metric values from family query_seconds that match the requested labels.

"families": [{
    "name": "query_seconds",
    "type": "Histogram",
    "help": "Time taken per query, in seconds",
    "metrics": [{
        "labels": {},
        "buckets": [ ... ],
        "count": 1234,
        "sum": "100.0"
        "labels": { "operation": "process_query", "suboperation": "graph" },
        "buckets": [ ... ],
        "count": 1234,
        "sum": "10.0"
        "labels": { "operation": "send_response" },
        "buckets": [ ... ],
        "count": 1234,
        "sum": "5.0"