The class represents an abstraction specific for an application, and can be either applied to an Entity or to a Connection. Simple examples of classes for Entity objects can be “Person”, “Car”, Animal”, “Brain-Scan”. Simple examples of classes for a Connection objects can be “made_visit”, to represent a connection between, say, an Entity of the class a “Person” and an Entity of the class “Visit”.

The class is case sensitive and are matched exactly when searching for entities of the same class.

The class can only be specified for Entities and Connections, as the rest of the objects (like Image or Video) have an implicit class given the nature of said objects.

The class is specified as a JSON String.

The implicit classes for built-in objects are the following:

Object class
Image _Image
Video _Video
Blob _Blob
BoundingBox _BoundingBox
DescriptorSet _DescriptorSet
Descriptor _Descriptor