Retrieve users’ information.


  • [optional] users: list of users for which information will be retrieved. By default, all users will be retrieved (subject to permissions).

  • [optional] roles: indicates if roles will be retrieved.

  • [optional] emails: indicates if emails will be retrieved.

  • [optional] tokens: indicates if tokens will be retrieved.


If a user does not have permissions to retrieve other users’s information, only information of the authenticated user will be retrieved.


Retrieve all user information for users “john” and “frank”, using GetUsers command:

[ {
    "GetUsers" : {
        "users": ["john", "frank"],
        "roles":  True,
        "emails": True,
} ]

# Response

[ {
    "GetUsers": {
        "john": {
            "roles": ["researcher", "user"],
            "email": ""
        "frank": {
            "roles": ["architect"],
            "email": ""