Get credentials.


  • [optional] name: A unique name that can be used to find this credential.


You can use this command to find the resources that a credential with given name can let you access.

If no name is provided, a list of all credentials with their corresponding resources will be returned.

If provided, name can either be the name of a single credential that you want to see details for or an array of names.


Find resources for credential “training_bucket_credential”:

[ {
    "GetCredentials" : {
        "name": "training_bucket_credential"
} ]

# Response

[ {
    "GetCredentials": {
        "credentials" : {
            # names are unique. So we organize the return by
            # credential names.
            "training_bucket_credential": {
                "service": "aws",
                "resources": ["s3://bucket1", "s3://bucket2"]
        "returned": 1,
        "status": 0
} ]