Creates a new index.


  • index_type: Specifies if the index if for entities or connections.

  • class: Specified the class of the entity/connection.

  • property_key: Specifies the name of the property indexed.

  • [optional] property_type: Specifies the property type.


This command checks if the index already exists and adds one if it doesn’t. The matches are case sensitive for all the parameters.

The index_type parameter can be either “entity” or “connection”.

The property_type parameters specified the data type for the index. The supported types are:

  • integer (64bit integer)

  • float (64bit floating point)

  • string

  • boolean [true, false]

  • time (ISO 8601 representation)

property_type will be automatically inferred if there are existing objects with the specified property_key already defined.


Create an index for the String property “name” for the entities of the class “Person”:

[ {
    "CreateIndex" : {
        "index_type":    "entity",
        "class" :        "Person",
        "property_key" : "name",
        "property_type": "string"