Create a new credential so ApertureDB can access specified cloud resource(s).


  • name: unique name to refer to this credential.

  • service: which service can the credential be used for

  • access_key

  • secret_access_key

  • resources: Array of resources accessible using the credential.


The given credential information is stored and used any time the resources specified in the list are accessed.

If a credential with the same name already exist, an error is returned.

The services currently supported include “aws”.

At the moment, resources are expected to be AWS S3 buckets.


Add a new access key using the CreateCredential command:

[ {
    "CreateCredential": {
        "name": "training_bucket_credential",
        "service": "aws",
        "access_key": "AKIAZ6XBPW6OZOCEQZWS",
        "secret_access_key": "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"
        "resources": ["s3://bucket1", "s3://bucket2"]
} ]