Add a new descriptor to a DescriptorSet, and properties associated with it.

A blob must be provided in the array of blobs, which contains the descriptor’s values. The blob is an binary array of 32-bit floating point values. The size of the blob, in bytes, must be dimensions*4.



properties are key-value pairs associated with the entity. Check properties for more details.

if_not_found can be used to turn this command into “conditional add”. Check if_not_found for more details.

connect can be used to create a connection between the added object and other object(s). Check connect for more details.

The set parameter specifies the name of the DescriptorSet to which the new Descriptor will be added. If the set does not exist, an error will be returned. The DescriptorSet is added using the AddDescriptorSet command.


Insert a Descriptor representing a person’s face to the DescriptorSet with the name of “pretty_faces”, insert an Image of the face, and create a connection between the new image and the new descriptor:

[ {
    "AddImage" : {
        "_ref" : 1,
        "properties" : {
            "description" : "profile photo"
}, {
    "AddDescriptor": {
        "set": "pretty_faces",    # Specify the name of the DescriptorSet
        "label": "Ricky Fort",
        "properties": {
            "gender": "M",
            "age": 45
        "connect": {
            "ref": 1
} ]